Wednesday, August 19, 2009

May I please vent?

I am developing my thick mothering skin & my natural protective instinct apparently. But it isn't fully developed yet and I need to just vent about what's been going on lately. We found out 2 days ago that we are having a girl. I had already told most people that asked that if we had a girl, we were naming her Isis. As you all know, I also posted it on this blog. It is not a "normal" name. It is definitely unique & you probably don't know anyone named Isis.

And let me first say this: if you know me at all, did you really expect that I would have kids with normal average names? I was never meant to have an Emma or an Ava or an Emily (I picked those because they are all in the top 10 on the social security list, not because I don't like them). I was meant to have an Isis or a Samaire or a Sonora. It just fits with me & Lewis. I think it is important to pick a name that fits the parents - popular or not. We just happen to fall in the not quite so popular area (even though Isis was #607 on the social security list in 2008 - definitely being used & ranked! - above Jacqueline, Isla, Jessie, Ellen, Arabella!!)

So here's what's been going down: first we decide to name her Isis Ruby Clark. So everyone starts saying they're going to call her Ruby. Um, no you're not. We will cut that out immediately.

Second, some woman at my mom's school decides to take her some information she printed out about the name Isis. Information about how she was incestuous & married her brother or how the name is used in Wiccan groups & things like that. My response to that is initially, why on earth would it ever matter enough to someone - who is not in my family or even a friend of mine - that they look up meanings & connotations with the name? That's just very strange. Second, come on! Diana is a very popular name based on a Roman goddess who has an entire Wiccan branch named after her but everyone seems to think that name is perfectly ok.

Now, let's just also please take into account that I didn't choose the name because of the meaning. Maybe because I was named Cameron - which means "crooked nose" - I've just never been one to choose a name because of the meaning. I know that is important to a lot of parents & I think that's a wonderful thing. But it isn't me. (Also Isis was the goddess of motherhood & fertility. The name means "mother of the throne" or "supreme goddess". Not exactly "marry your brother & become a Wiccan" now is it?)

Overall, I think Isis is a beautiful name. Lewis & I absolutely love it & are really excited about having a little girl named Isis! It really doesn't matter to me at all what people think of the name, but I do have this deep down urge to just go "back the heck up." But whatever. I survived & my name is Cameron - meaning "crooked nose" - pronounced regularly as Carmen, Camden, etc. Lewis survived having his name (Lewis Clark), which is apparently hilarious to people - "ah Lewis & Clark, hahaha". My friend Diana did just fine sharing a name with a Wiccan branch. I really think that it isn't possible to choose a name that won't in some way be ridiculed at some point or questioned. But I guess we'll just throw this in with my cloth diaper parenting decision & just add to the list of Cameron's parenting choices that apparently offend or threaten anyone who doesn't agree with or understand them.

So weird because I don't care at all what someone names their child. I think your child is your child & is still beautiful & wonderful no matter what you name them. And I also don't care if people choose disposable diapers over cloth. Makes complete sense to me. It just isn't what I chose. Why can't we all just allow room for different styles of parenting? It makes me angry & full of venting energy!

Excellent. Hormones. I'm done.


Mama Smors said...

Amen, sister! Who do people think they are??? Seriously :)
And I am about to be a crazy blog reader and comment on the posts above this one too.

Anonymous said...

No matter her name (and I like it by the way) she will be unique, bright and special just like you. Missy

Cameron said...

thank you missy! i really love the name! i think that people will change their mind when they see our little Isis running around! she will become the name & I doubt anyone will be able to see her as anything else!

Ofthesea said...

Hey! 'Somebody's parents' recommended you, and I'm glad she did. :)

Ordinary name with a "unique" selling - WRONG, at least in my books.
Extraordinary name that you love? BRILLIANT

Your girl will be a fabulous Isis, and don't let anyone call her anything else! Unless it is "supreme being of splendour and beauty", of course ;)

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