Monday, August 17, 2009

20 weeks: IT'S A GIRL!!!

We went for our 20-week ultrasound today & found out we are having a girl!! They said everything looks perfect! I have been very blessed so far to have a very easy pregnancy. I feel very fortunate! The first 5 weeks or so were not so fun with nausea, but that's really nothing in the long run, so I'm very happy! I was telling Lewis that maybe we need to amend our "2 biological kids" plan to maybe be 3 because I'm good at being pregnant! haha we'll see.

So now Isis Ruby Clark has officially become a member of the family, although she'll maintain her residence inside mommy's belly for the time being. We look forward to her arrival at the end of the year / beginning of next year!

And now the fun stuff begins...REGISTERING!!!! I am so excited about picking out different things for our first baby!! I've been a regular visitor to the past few months! I've already got my eye on a couple of things! I'm also very excited that my friend Susan has offered to make our baby bedding! So Isis will already have her own unique baby bedding - to go with her very unique name & fabulously unique parents! LOL

Anyway, I'm so happy I feel like I could just ooze happiness out my eyeballs! Any tips or suggestions for registry items? My biggest question is what travel systems do you all like? Or do you not like travel systems & would recommend splitting it up into carseat/carrier & stroller separately? I want brands & everything! Pros & cons!

Yay Baby Girl Isis on the way!!!!


Morganne said...

I love our Chicco travel system. Everyone seems to have it and love it! We also have a Chicco umbrella stroller and love it too.

Mama Smors said...

congrats to you all!!! love the name :) friend me on facebook... i can't find you! my old account was hacked and i had to set up a new one.
again, congrats on a healthy baby girl!

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