Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Mommy Club

I am currently working on a list of links & resources to "mom" blogs that I think are interesting! In my search, I came across this post at Dinnercraft. I completely agree with them and I like it! I've found just in my decisions and opinions I've been making lately that everyone has an input - especially moms. Everyone has an opinion and a perspective of the "best" way to do things. I think it's unnecessary. I love the advice and I think that as a future mom, I will definitely rely on the community of other moms who have been there. But it is important that we remember that we are a community, not separate teams fighting against each other. When it comes to the decisions I've been making lately about a birth plan, diapers, registry items and things like that, the final breakdown is that these decisions have more to do with ME than anything else. We make decisions based on what type of parent we are going to be. This doesn't necessarily mean that our children will end up being better or worse. We're just taking different routes to get to the final result that we all hope for: a happy and healthy child.

When it comes down to it, I really enjoy the different lives and characteristics of the people around me. I enjoy the eccentricities that make us each unique. I believe that these things will also make us each better parents. I believe that it is being true to ourselves that really gives us something unique and authentic to offer our children. So while making all your different decisions about parenting no matter how big or small, encourage those moms & dads around you who may be making different decisions. We are a community. I may not fully be in "The Mommy Club" yet, but I look forward to all the different types of people in this group and I know there will come a day - if not many - when I will also need the encouragement.


Mama Smors said...

love the mom olympics post... so true!
and amen to all you say in this post!!!

valfrid said...

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