Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gro Baby Diapers

We have decided on the cloth diapers we want to use! I am very aware that cloth diapers are not for everyone and I fully support any parent's decision to choose what works best for them. For many people - actually most people probably - cloth offers more of a hassle than it is really worth. And that makes sense to me. Lewis and I have just decided after lots of discussion and thought that cloth diapers is the way we want to go. We have been so blessed to find a wonderful woman who is going to watch our baby in the spring and she is completely fine with doing cloth with us! I am so happy about that!! I realize the poopy diapers will not be the most fun, but I guess the way I see it I'll be dealing with poopy diapers either way. I've just chosen to go a route where I'm throwing the diaper into a washing machine rather than into a trash can. (Extra rinse, hot water and some oxy-clean should be just fine!)

I have heard from several people in my mom's generation that they tried cloth with their children at first and didn't like it. Now it seems to be making a comeback with many parents, but this time - with MUCH better resources!! The cloth diapers you can choose from today are amazing! I have been a little overwhelmed actually with the choices! There are FuzziBunz diapers with the snaps and the insert that need no extra cover outside. There are Kissaluvs that are fitted and cotton and come in adorable colors and patterns that then need the diaper cover for waterproofing. There are BumGenius diapers that have velcro and the insert that require no diaper cover. There are also MANY more options to choose from! But after a lot of investigation and reading reviews and opinions from mothers who have used the different types of diapers, we have decided on Gro Baby Diapers!

Here are my reasons:
#1 - Gro Baby Diapers are one size fits all! They have adjustable snaps that fit babies from 7 lbs to 35 lbs! This means that we will buy one set of diapers one time and they will last us through potty-training! And hopefully if we take good care of the diapers, we can use them with our next child as well! The set we have chosen is $389. We may buy a few extra soaker inserts so that I'll only have to wash every 3 days, but that means $400 is all we will spend for diapers for the life of the baby! Most people spend about $800 per year on disposable diapers. Assuming a child is potty-trained at 2, that's a savings of $1200! There is one pro for us!

#2 - Gro Baby Diapers have a snap-in soaker insert that is attached on top of the outer shell. This means that unless there is a blow-out diaper or they soak completely through the soaker, booster and shell, you should only have to change the shell a few times a day. This means we can buy less shells (we will end up with 11 shells) and more soaker inserts (we will end up with 24 - 30) and therefore only wash every 3 days, even less as the baby gets older! With most other cloth diapers, you have to have about 24 diapers - inserts, shells and all and that will leave you washing about every other day.

#3 - Gro Baby Diapers require no diaper cover, so they can be worn exactly as is! That saves time & money!

#4 - Gro Baby Diapers use an organic cotton soaker insert. This means less chemicals are touching our baby's skin!

Here is a video so that you can see how Gro Baby Diapers work:


Mama Smors said...

greg and i would like to try cloth with our next baby! i will definitely be excited to hear about how cloth works for you all. 2 more pros of using any cloth diapers:
1. baby bums look absolutely precious in these bright dipees!
2. kids usually potty train much faster bc having a wet cloth diaper is not as comfy as a pampers.

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