Friday, June 12, 2009


Our doctor visit on Wednesday was amazing!! I loved my midwife!!! Her name is Melissa Courtney and she was wonderful! I am even more excited than I already was after talking to her! She made me feel a lot better about everything!

They said the baby looks great. It is exactly 10 weeks. So my due date is still January 5, 2010. It was moving and wiggling around a lot when they did the ultrasound! I don't think either of us were expecting it to be so mobile! It was amazing! We even got a picture of it looking like it's waving to us! I'm going to scan the pictures and I'll upload them after I do that. Right now I have the picture above that is a picture I took with my iPhone of the ultrasound picture - so it's not really clear.

One thing I am really excited about is that we are going to do a different kind of prenatal visit. I'm going to Lexington Women's Health at Central Baptist and my midwife (Melissa Courtney) is leading a group called Centering. You go once a month for 2 hours and it takes the place of your prenatal appointment. It will be me and Lewis and 5 other women and their partners. They still do your prenatal things like normal, but you also meet with this small group and they incorporate childbirth classes and other discussion and information for all of us. We can talk about what's going on with the baby, what's going on with us and just get feedback from other women going through the same thing! And you get 2 hours with the midwife as opposed to just a few minutes! All of us will be due within the same 30 day period, so we're all at about the same stage as well. Lewis and I thought it sounded awesome and we're really excited about it! Our first class is July 1, so I'll let you know how it goes!!
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