Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fears - Irrational or Not?

So now everyone knows that I'm pregnant. It's been good and bad. It's awesome having lots of support and advice, but at the same time it's a little overwhelming getting advice from several different directions. It went from a personal intimate thing between me & Lewis to something that everyone is involved in. Oh well, it's still just me & him & the new one on the way when it really comes down to it.

But here's my question to all you already in The Mommy Club - as I like to call it - how normal is it to be scared that something is going to go wrong? I'm assuming it's really normal because I can't imagine not being nervous about the different things that could happen. Right now, I'm just so nervous that we'll go to the doctor and they won't find a heartbeat. I watched Marley & Me last night for the first time and that happens to them the first time. I started crying and made Lewis stop talking so I could listen to everything they said. Let's just attribute that to my major hormones & emotional craziness lately. But did anyone else have this fear before going to the doctor? I go in about a week and 2 days, so I'll know soon, but I am sort-of apprehensive about getting too invested before I go to the doctor.

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Mama Smors said...

I am so super excited that you have started this blog! I will really enjoying reading your mommy experience. As for this post, I think fears are totally normal and I had them at the begining and then they really went away until the end. Welcome to mommyhood- a lifelong worry journey!
As far as other people's comments/suggestions, take them or leave them you and lewis are the mommy and daddy! And you get to make the ultimate decision for your child.
As for cloth diapering- we plan to do this next time. I didn't start reading a lot about it until these last 6 months so it was late in the game to invest in something new. I know several friends who have done it and loved to save money, have your baby's bum comfy, and protect our beautiful Earth. Read (I think- it is linked on my blog) for a very green- mommy! You will enjoy :)

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