Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cloth Diapers?

Lewis and I had discussed cloth diapers before and we'd both thought they seemed like a good idea, but we didn't know anyone who used them and we just didn't have enough information on them in general. I recently read a discussion board about cloth diapers that a friend of mine posted on Facebook. Suddenly I found 8 or 9 different people who had used cloth diapers and loved them! They had brands and specific items they had used! It completely recharged my interest in cloth diapers! They are more expensive to begin with than regular diapers, like 1 diaper is about $11 - $25 depending on the brand while a pack of disposable diapers can be about that much. BUT, you wash and reuse the cloth diapers where you only need about 2 dozen for a year - until they grow out of them - and then you can use the same diapers for your next baby. From what I could tell after reading the information from the people on the discussion board, it costs less than half what disposable diapers cost in a year. I'm all about it! Check out these sites to see what you think! I'll definitely have to get several fitted diapers and covers for the grandparents and babysitters who are going to be pretty apprehensive at first about cloth diapers. But I think everyone will get used to it.

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